From now on, nothing interferes with the implementation of the trilateral agreements - the results of the elections in Armenia

Political observer Zardusht Alizadeh shared in the Turan's program “Difficult issue” (“Cetin sual”) the possible way of development events in Armenia after the victory in the early parliamentary elections of the “Civil Contract” coalition headed by Nikol Pashinyan.

“The Armenian people forgave Nikol for the defeat in the Second Karabakh War, choosing peace with neighbors,” Alizade said, adding that this is a positive event for both the Armenian and Azerbaijani peoples.

In the long term, this will lead to the normalization of relations, the transfer of the economies of the two countries on a peaceful track, reduce defense spending and facilitate the exodus of Russian "peacekeepers" from Karabakh.

Alizade did not comment on the suggestion that the Kremlin could have succeeded if it had bet not on Robert Kocharian, but on another, less controversial, pro-Russian figure. According to him, the Armenian people voted not for a political figure, but for a political project.

The expert is convinced that Kocharian's refusal to admit defeat will not lead to confrontation within Armenia. “Russia will not want this, since such a prospect leads to its confrontation with the West. It does not need it. The diaspora will not want this,” he believes.

The political scientist noted that now Pashinyan's dependence on Russia will decrease, because there will be no territorial claims to Azerbaijan. “The presence of the 102nd Russian military base in Gyumri was necessary for Armenia precisely because of Karabakh, but this did not help Armenia,” he noted.

Alizade believes that if Pashinyan takes a "course to the West," it will be possible through Turkey. Direct business relations with Turkey will lead to the revival of the Armenian economy. The development of the Armenian economy will be served by the opening of communications with Azerbaijan and the restoration of economic relations. "It will be useful for Turkey as well, because the pressure from the West will stop."

The expert drew attention to the fact that the management of the post-Soviet countries through military conflicts has exhausted itself. From now on, Russia will have to fight for its influence with the help of business.

Touching upon the topic of the Russian peacekeepers, Alizade said that after the normalization of relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the relations between Azerbaijan and Karabakh and the peacekeepers will normalize within five, and maximum 10 years will leave the region.

As for the trilateral agreement of November 10, Pashinyan has no choice, he will have to fulfill the terms of the agreement. After he received a mandate from the people, nothing can prevent him from ensuring the creation of a transport corridor through Zangezur, delimiting the borders with Azerbaijan and reaching a consensus on border enclaves. -0-


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