Who or what make veterans to commit suicide?

Baku/11.07.22/Turan: Yesterday,   Elvin Jafarov, a veteran nicknamed "Mowgli", a participant in the Second Karabakh War, set himself on fire   in front of the building of the executive power of the Sabirabad region. His  health is  assessed as serious.

Last week Hasanov Ilham Yilmaz oglu, a resident of the “Yeni Hayat” village of the Shamkir region, born in 1996, set himself on fire in front of the building of the executive power of the Shamkir region. His suicide attempt was prevented and the fire extinguished. Ilham Hasanov, who received burns, was hospitalized.

On July 7, a veteran lieutenant colonel Shahmurad Museib oglu Mammadov died of a heart attack in Sumgayit.   When he was trying to withdraw 100 manats from a pension card at an ATM, he found that his card was blocked. It is also reported that all of his pension money was directed by the court to pay off debts. For these reasons, Shahmurad Mammadov went to the Sumgayit city court to express his protest. But in court, he died suddenly from cardiac arrest.

In the “Difficult Question” program, a member of the Board of Directors of the Public Association “Veterans of Karabakh”, journalist Rey Kerimoglu and Chairman of the Public Association of Young Veterans Haji Veliyev tell about the situation of veterans, the reasons for their suicides.

According to  Haji Veliyev, disabled of the 3rd group, veteran of the Second Karabakh War Elvin Jafarov, taking advantage of the fact that the Ministry of Defense registered volunteers as military personnel, decided in accordance with the law to receive a pension like all disabled military personnel.

“He collected all the necessary documents, submitted them to the Finance and Budget Department of the Moscow Region. After checking Jafarov's documents, the department sent them to the Office for Appointment with Special Conditions of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population (MLSP). But  approximately a month ago, the Department deprived Jafarov of his civil pension, citing the fact that he is moving into the category of military pensioners. Thus, the veteran, has not yet  received a military pension,  but have  lost  his civilian  pension, and was left  without a livelihood,” Veliyev said, adding that Elvin Jafarov, unemployed, cannot find a job in any way, and therefore his family is in distress.

“That is why he went to the executive power of the Sabirabad region, in the hope that there they would show at least some attention to him and provide material assistance. But,  Jafarov’s repeated appeals to  the Executive Power  remained unanswered. And then, driven to despair, Jafarov committed suicide,” Veliyev explained.

According to him, those who brought Elvin Jafarov to such a state must be punished.

“If such suicides, self-immolations are not prevented, then this will become a trend,” he concluded.

According to Ray Karim oglu, President Ilham Aliyev knew what problems would arise after the end of the war.

“That is why he created the YAŞAT Foundation. On his own behalf, on the basis of the MLSP for veterans, a Unified Coordination Center was created. In addition, departments for working with the families of martyrs and war invalids were created in the  executive powers of cities and regions, and states were opened for these structures. But 95% of the employees of these structures do not work for them. The heads of the  Executive Powers appoint their people to these departments. This is one of the main reasons for the events taking place today,” Kerimoglu complained. In his opinion, veterans need a single organization that would solve their problems.

“There are various veteran organizations that are trying to fulfill this mission. But, without the support of the state, they are not capable of much. An organization of veterans should allocate space for an office, veterans should have their own lawyers, economists who would receive a normal salary and solve the problems of veterans,” the journalist believes.

According to Kerimoglu, specifically the Public Association "Veterans of Karabakh", which he represents, is also deprived of such an opportunity.

“We have a team, but we act on a voluntary basis. The state should unite veterans in a single organization. We wanted the State Committee for Veterans Affairs to be created, but it was not created.  We have created a single coordination center. It's certainly not bad, but still it's not what we wanted. We want people like Elvin to come to us so that we can accept him, listen to him, solve his problem without turning it into a problem of society,” Kerimoglu said.—0—

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