Why was Nazim Beidemirli arrested?

Baku/06.07.23/Turan: Nazim Beidamirli, a former member of the Azerbaijani parliament, entrepreneur, and public figure, has been placed under a preventive measure for a period of four months by the Narimanov District Court of Baku. Agil Lajic, Beidamirli's lawyer, informed Turan about this development.

Beidamirli is facing charges under Article 182.2.4 of the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan, which pertains to extortion committed with the aim of seizing significant property. He denies the allegations and intends to appeal the decision.

The former parliamentarian was detained on July 4, and he promptly contacted his lawyer, stating that he was being prosecuted for speaking out in support of the residents of Seudlu in the Gadabey district, who were protesting against environmental pollution caused by a nearby gold ore processing plant.

In an interview with the media, Beidamirli expressed agreement with the claims made by local residents regarding the detrimental effects of the gold mining operation on human health and the environment. Subsequently, a campaign was launched against him in pro-government media outlets, accusing him of instigating the protests.

Human rights activist Samir Kazimli shed light on the true reasons behind Nazim Beidamirli's arrest during an episode of the program "Difficult Question."

Kazimli highlighted that this issue can be viewed from different perspectives. He remarked that following the 44-day war, people anticipated changes in the country's human rights situation and a closer relationship between the authorities and the citizens. However, the authorities, adhering to their tradition of political repression, have sent clear messages to society, implying that these expectations are mere myths.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the upper echelons of power, with some high-ranking officials leaving their positions. Previously, blame for all negative aspects was typically placed on these departing officials. However, this time, no such blame was assigned, suggesting that even though these officials are gone, the "party line" remains intact.

Simultaneously, the authorities have made it apparent that they are always in the right. Any discontent expressed by citizens is dismissed as the machinations of hostile forces, and the government denies the existence of legitimate reasons for dissatisfaction, according to the human rights activist.

Regarding the situation in Seudlu, the authorities aim to portray it as an isolated incident rather than a reflection of larger issues in the country. They want to convey that everything is fine both locally and nationwide. Any provocations against the government are attributed to external hostile forces collaborating with internal adversaries, as Kazimli explained.

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