Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/06.07.23/Turan: Residents of the village of Seyudlu of the Gadabey region are in uncertainty about the problems they put forward, which arose due to the activities of a nearby gold ore processing plant. According to a source in the village, there are still police posts at the entrances to  the village of Seyudlu. Only local residents are allowed to enter the village.

According to the source, heads of local police and executive authorities often come to the village, who conduct conversations with local residents. At the same time, in recent days, detentions in the village have stopped.

"We opposed environmental pollution, the elimination of an artificial lake, where chemical waste harmful to the ecology of human health is dumped from the plant, and as a result, new problems piled on us, detained our people, established police posts. We are waiting for the results of the commission. However,  the equipment around the "cyanide lake" continues to work. It seems that instead of eliminating it, this lake is being expanded. Nothing has changed yet," the source continued.

*On June 20, the residents of the vilage of  Seyudlu held a protest action, stating that the environment was polluted by a nearby gold mining enterprise. The police violently dispersed the protest. As a result of the crackdown, 10 people were injured, five were detained and arrested administratively for 20 days. Another resident was fined 1,500 manats. Later, several more people were detained. However, law enforcement agencies do not report the number of detainees.

According to the civil society working group "Seyudlu", a total of 11 people were arrested in connection with the events in this village, including 8 brought to administrative responsibility, and three were charged with criminal charges related to drugs. At the same time, according to the activists arrested administratively, they were taken to Baku to the main directorate for combating Organized Crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, possibly for criminal charges. Human rights activists and the opposition also associate the arrest of former MP Nazim Beidemirli, who, according to the official version, has been charged with extortion, with the events in the village Seyudlu. ---03B06---

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