Ministry of Internal Affairs on the results of the investigation of police actions against the inhabitants of Soyudlu

Baku/06.07.23/Turan: “In the suppression of violations of public order in the village of Soyudlu, some police officers committed violations in the performance of their functional duties. In order to avoid the repetition of such actions in the future, organizational and practical measures are being consistently carried out.”

This was reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, answering Turan's question about the results of an internal investigation conducted in connection with the distribution of video footage of the use of pepper gas in the face of an elderly woman by a police officer and, in general, special equipment, during the dispersal of a protest action.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also noted that "in order to improve the behavior of personnel in extreme conditions, the ministry regularly conducts trainings."

“Despite the fact that in recent years there has been a demonstration by the police of a restrained and civilized attitude towards participants in actions that are distinguished by aggressiveness, sometimes mistakes and shortcomings still occur in the relevant area,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs emphasized.

*On June 20, the residents of Soyudlu held a protest action, claiming that a nearby gold mining enterprise was polluting the environment. Police violently dispersed the protest, using rubber batons and tear gas. As a result of the dispersal, 10 people were injured, five were detained and administratively arrested for 20 days. Another resident was fined 1,500 manats. Several more people were later detained. However, law enforcement agencies do not report the number of detainees.—21B06-

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