Lawyer powers of Elchin Sadigov suspended

Baku/07.07.23/Turan: On July 6, the Presidium of the Azerbaijan Bar Association (PABA) decided to suspend the advocacy of Elchin Sadigov, who is known for participating in the protection of the rights of many well-known journalists, bloggers, political and religious activists.

The PABA intends to apply to the court for the complete termination of Sadigov's lawyer status and his exclusion from the board.

The reason for the suspension of Sadigov's activities was the appeal of journalist Eynulla Fatullayev.

According to Sadigov, this appeal was related to his former client, the head of the Baku Steel Company, entrepreneur Rasim Mammadov.

Last September, the Fatullayev-led website published an article alleging that Sadygov had acted as an intermediary in transferring a bribe to Avaz Zeynalli, head of the YouTube channel, in order to stop his criticism of Mammadov. The publication was also accompanied by an audio recording of the conversation between Sadigov and Zeynalli.

After this publication, Sadigov and Zeynalli were arrested. Subsequently, Sadygov was transferred under house arrest, and his case was separated into a separate proceeding.

At the same time, Fatullayev appealed to the Bar Association to punish Sadigov.

Subsequently, Sadigov, clarifying this case, noted that he only carried out communication between the family of the entrepreneur and Zeynalli in order to suspend criticism of the latter businessman Mammadov.

Sadygov believes that Fatullayev was not entitled to file a complaint against him, since he was not an interested subject in this case. On the other hand, the collegium should not have investigated the complaint, since the investigation in the prosecutor's office is ongoing and Sadygov's guilt has not been proven by the court decision.

Sadygov considers the decision of the PABA illegal and at the same time politically motivated.

“Recently, I have made public the facts of torture of my clients in order to protect them. I even managed to secure the release of several citizens.

This caused dissatisfaction (of the security forces) and therefore an order was given to expel me from the bar,” Sadigov told Turan.

According to Sadigov, the disciplinary case against him was considered without his participation.

The bar association confirmed the information about the suspension of Sadigov's powers on the complaint of Fatullayev.

“Sadigov himself confirmed what was written in Fatullayev’s complaint in his Facebook status on March 28 (we are talking about a publication in which Sadigov noted that he was carrying out communication to suspend Zeynalli’s criticism of Rasim Mammadov, note ed.)

A report by haqqı dated July 6 confirms the information that

Fatullayev appealed to the Bar Association with a demand to take action against lawyer E. Sadygov, who "grossly violated his professional duties."—06В-

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