Baku business environment more favorable than in regions

In Azerbaijan, there are 71,524 small businesses (+3.3% YTD), according to the certificate of business development in the first quarter.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Industry, small businesses account for 81% of local entities.

As of April 1, almost a third (32%) of small ventures are in trade, 12.3% - in agriculture, 12.5% ​​- in construction and repair, and the rest of the employment is negligible.

Most (55.9%) of this segment of entrepreneurs is registered in the capital, and the rest is in the regions of the country.

Due to underdevelopment of a support mechanism for businesses the majority of small ventures do not work, while some of them are closed and re-registered. There is high proportion of tax evasion and concealment of the actual number of their jobs. -17D-


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