Bank of Baku Reports on Results of Past 22 Years of Activity

JSC Bank of Baku has reported on the results of the past 22 years of activity in the local financial market. As stated in its official information on the website, it has achieved the following over the years:
 First Bolkart taxi card, allowing to pay the cost of goods purchased in installments
 Payment terminals Cash in - payment of loans, recharge cards, custom credit card payments and other payment
 Online payment loans
 Information Center, based at the IVR system -145
 Application of co-brand cards (Ideal, MyBrands)
 Online help service - an opportunity to get a certificate of employment, without leaving the bank
 SMS loan
 Special offers for customers in the framework of Wi-Fi in the branches. All of these services are introduced for the first time among financial market participants.
Today the bank provides services to more than 700,000 clients in 20 branches in the head and administrative offices.
As of February 1, the liquidity ratio of the Bank of Baku is 330% to the minimum requirement of 30% of CBA. The capital adequacy ratio is 15.35% to the minimum requirement of the Central Bank at 10%, and the capital adequacy ratio is 10.7% to the minimum requirement of 5%. --17D-

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