"Clone" of a group of companies Relt

The Ministry of Taxes has registered on 12-13 August several companies united under one umbrella of Relt. Recent data on the state register of commercial entities updated on September 3.

Turan analysis shows that all the five companies of the group Relt (Relt Capital, Relt House, Relt Mart, Relt Property and Relt Pact) are created on the principle of "cloning".

So, before on this principle there were established groups of companies Dekot Group, Blossom Group, Platek Group and Asset Group. What these clone companies do is not known.

Local law prohibits the registration of a public authority to disclose the names of their equity participation in commercial companies. Director of all the five companies of the Relt Group is Ulviya Mirahadli, which Turan could not find the information in the databases. The authorized capital of these companies is 10 000 manat.

It is noteworthy that all these companies share one and the same address: Baku, 9 Suleyman Rustam Street In this building some subsidiaries of JSC AtaHolding are located. --08B-

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