Foreign trade turnover decreased by 11.7%

For five months of this year, foreign trade turnover amounted to about $ 13 billion, which is 11.7% less than in the comparable period of 2013. In value terms, the reduction in imports and exports nearly the same - about $ 850 million

According to the State Customs Committee (SCC), the volume of exports from the country ($ 9,480 million) decreased by 8.6%.

Crude oil exports ($ 8.2 billion) decreased by 4.8%, petroleum products ($ 415 million) - 25.1%, natural gas (189.3 million) - 45.2%. However, the hydrocarbon feedstock and its products ($ 8.8 billion) dominate in the export structure of the country - 93%.

The volume of imports of goods amounted to $ 3.5 billion, a decline of 19.5%. The volume of imports decreased mainly due to the public sector. If in January-May 2013 SOEs imported goods valued at $ 1418 million, this year the figure fell to $ 956 million.

Since the beginning of the year the share of EU countries accounts for about $ 1 billion, 84 million (30.8%) of imports and 4,950 million (52.2%) of exports. Foreign trade surplus amounted to $ 5969 million

According to independent studies on the principle of "mirror statistics" of a number of countries with active trade relations with Azerbaijan, part of imports of goods hidden or declared at low prices with the aim of granting customs structure of budgetary funds. We are talking about several hundred million U.S. dollars. - 08D-


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