Full upgrade of Baku oil refinery to be completed by 2020, says Honeywell UOP

The full upgrade of the Heydar Aliyev oil refinery (SOCAR’s division) will be completed by 2020, reported PRNewswire portal.

After the oil refinery upgrade, which started in 2015, SOCAR will use the complex of technologies of the US Honeywell UOP, which will allow manufacturing high quality Euro 5 standard petrol.

Pete Piotrovski, Honeywell UOP Vice President and General Manager, said the company will offer a complex of technologies, which will allow SOCAR producing high octane petrol with less amount of toxic substances more efficiently.

“The contract is based on reliable business relationships with SOCAR, which include economic and technical evaluation of the oil refinery’s upgrade and the work that Honeywell UOP has done on Star plant in Turkey,” Piotrovski said.

In addition to the licensed technologies, Honeywell UOP will offer SOCAR the services of basic engineering design and study of the upgrade process of the oil refinery.

In November 2015 SOCAR and UOP signed the contract to license construction of the installations, which are a part of the oil refinery, which include the installation of hydro treating of oil coke, catalytic cracking, isomerization, production of methyl-tret-butyl ether, mercaptan oxidization of unsaturated liquefied gas and amine cleaning and oxidization of sulphides.

* Capacity of the oil refinery after upgrade will be increased up to 7.5 million tons of oil a year.

The new bitumen installation will start working on the oil refinery in 2017, in early quarter 2, 2019 production of Euro-5 standard diesel fuel will begin and after a year the oil refinery will start production of Euro-5 petrol.—0—

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