How much will teachers' salaries increase?

How much will teachers' salaries increase?

MP, economist Vugar Bayramov clarified the issue of planned increase of teachers' salaries.

First of all, he reminded that the state budget for 2024 provides for AZN 142.8 million increase of funds allocated for education as compared to the previous year, i.e. up to AZN 4 billion 549 million. Of these funds, AZN 2 billion 372 million are direct general education expenditures.

As for the increase of salaries, AZN 93.6 million is stipulated in this year's budget for this purpose. Of these funds, AZN 71 million will be directed to certification, AZN 22.6 million to salaries of school principals and their deputies. This means that teachers who have successfully passed certification will have their salaries increased. It is expected that 30,000 teachers will take part in certification exams this year.

According to the current rules, the salary of those who scored 30-50 points on the exam is raised by 10%, while the salary of those who scored 51-60 points is raised by 35%. At the same time, Bayramov believes that it is necessary to change the differential system and adapt the salary increase to modern evaluation systems. "From this point of view, we propose to increase by 35% the salary of teachers who answered 80% of the total number of questions, i.e. scored 48%. It is necessary to calculate the financial component of our proposal and amend the relevant rules," the MP said.

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