Last year, more than 85.6 million manat of "electronic" tax listed

The taxpayers of the country from April to the end of 2012 made a payment to the state budget for the taxes and duties in electronic form for a total of more than 85.6 million manat.

According to the Ministry of Taxes, a system that allows taxpayers to implement tax and other payments to the state budget in electronic form, introduced on April 12 of last year 2012. This is still a small amount in the overall level of taxes, but it will eventually grow.

According to the Ministry of Taxes, in 2012, a position to register electronically 45,877 taxpayers, including 45,018 individuals engaged in self-employed and 859 legal entities.

According to the ministry, in 2012, in electronic form, registered 22,687 cash registers, of which 2 174 - entities 20,513 - individuals.

In 2012, in electronic form, there were 25,770 pos-terminals, of which 7211 - entities 18,559 - individuals.

Online registration of individuals began with the July 1, 2011, legal - since January 2012. - 17D-


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