Made in Turan: A New Dawn for Turkic Brands

Made in Turan: A New Dawn for Turkic Brands

In a bold move to unify the economic prowess of the Turkic world, the Azerbaijan Franchising Association has spearheaded the creation of the "Made in Turan" brand. This ambitious initiative, announced by Jamid Movsumov, Chairman of the Association's Board, seeks to consolidate the diverse trademarks of Turkic states under a single, recognizable label. The brand aims to streamline trade, foster economic ties, and position Turkic products on the global stage.

Movsumov, in an interview with Turan agency from Astana, where the "International Congress of Turkic Franchising Associations" was held on May 22, shared his opinion about the potential and future of the brand.

-What products can the Made in Turan brand encompass?

- The Made in Turan brand will initially focus on food products, leveraging the rich culinary heritage of our member countries. However, the vision extends beyond food; we aim to include clothing and other goods over time. By the end of this year, we anticipate the first Made in Turan products will reach the market. To facilitate this, we need to establish organizational frameworks, including customs privileges, ensuring these products move seamlessly across our borders without incurring customs taxes. Our ultimate goal is to create special benefits and export opportunities for the Made in Turan brand.


-What steps have been taken to establish and promote this new brand?

- The concept for Made in Turan originated from the Azerbaijan Franchising Association, with a clear focus on enhancing the branding and labeling of goods, devoid of any political agenda. We have engaged in extensive negotiations, including a recent agreement with the Bank of Kazakhstan for special bank cards and trading houses across Turkic nations. A key milestone was signing a Memorandum with the Franchising Associations of the Turkic states, urging each national association to seek government support for brand-related benefits. Our objective is to elevate Made in Turan to a world-class level, facilitating easier market entry for companies within our member countries. This initiative was ignited at the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) Economic Forum in Baku on May 2, and we plan to announce the conditions for brand participation at the next forum in Turkey in 2025.

- What challenges does the Made in Turan brand face?

- One significant challenge is obtaining brand benefits across the seven OTS countries, each with its own legal and contractual frameworks. Some member states are part of the WTO, while others are not, complicating the harmonization process. Our aim is to maximize the legal capabilities of each country for Made in Turan products. To this end, we will collaborate closely with the OTS and individual member states. Registering the trademark involves setting up a company and obtaining a certificate from a Copyright Agency, without needing permission from the Ministry of Economy. The uniqueness of Made in Turan lies in its acceptance across all seven Turkic countries, supported by cooperation with their Franchise Associations. This initiative promises significant benefits for thousands of companies within the CIS region.

As Movsumov elaborates on the intricacies and aspirations of the Made in Turan brand, it becomes clear that this initiative is more than just a label; it represents a strategic effort to harness and amplify the collective economic strength of the Turkic states. With concerted efforts and government support, Made in Turan has the potential to become a globally recognized hallmark of quality and unity in the Turkic world.

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