The problem of illegal employment remains

State Labor Inspectorate (SLI) and the Ministry of Taxes continue to fight against illegal employment. Entrepreneurs try to explain the resistance requirements of the law on the conclusion of individual contracts of employment high, in their view, rate social insurance contributions.

In the first two months of this year SLI and the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare revealed facts of illegal attract about 1,900 business entities to work 3538 people. It is 7 times more than in the comparable period of 2012.

All these people were involved in the work without signing labor relations in the labor code compliance, told Turan, the press service of the Ministry.

In the first quarter of this year during the operational control measures Taxes revealed these facts in more than 1,800 private businesses that are illegally brought to the work of about 4 million people, the ministry said.

The phenomenon of engagement without signing between employer and employee labor contract is especially common in the trade, catering and construction. For example, at the end of March this year, more than 1,000 employees of LLC "Azeri Trans" went on strike in Gabala with the requirements of the labor rights, including labor contracts.

True, there are complaints from businesses who claim that the tax authorities oblige them to formally enroll in the state of additional workers to supplement the reporting on the opening of new jobs.

Azerbaijan has a Confederation of Trade Unions, which unites more than 1.2 million workers, but the work of CPS in this direction inconspicuous.

The owners claim that the high level of contributions for mandatory state social insurance (25% of the wage bill, including 22% paid by the employer) forces not to legalize workers.

Local organizations offer gentle system of deductions for entrepreneurs to stimulate not only the legalization of jobs, but also wages. - 08B-


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