Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, accompanied by the head of the Turkish Department of Religious Affairs Ali Abbas, prays during the opening ceremony of a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, May 24, 2019. REUTERS

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan, accompanied by the head of the Turkish Department of Religious Affairs Ali Abbas, prays during the opening ceremony of a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, May 24, 2019. REUTERS

In the words of Necmettin Erbakan, a colorful face of Turkish politics, as Iran's "cosmetic attack" on Israel did not cause alarm in Turkey, claims that some authorized representatives warned Israel earlier were not taken seriously in Tel Aviv.

There is not anyone who does not know that the radar base built by NATO in Kürecik settlement of Malatya province protects Israel from Iranian attacks. Just as Washington does not want the tension to rise again when the next course of affairs lies in the answer to the question, "How will Israel respond to the April 14 attack?", there is no question of Ankara making any kind of indoctrination to Israel (it cannot happen at all after restricting exports a few days ago). Therefore, Ankara will spend the next time on the way to Washington on May 9 for the Biden-Erdoğan meeting. Mr. Erdoğan, as the chairman of the party that formed the government alone in December 2002, when he was still banned from politics and was not even a deputy, met with George W. Bush at the White House and did not hesitate to directly take Turkey's responsibilities in the military operation against Iraq.

 Although Mr. Erdoğan, who works in close cooperation with Obama, was close enough to the next president Trump to call him "my friend Donald", several X (then Twitter) messages sent by "his friend Donald" in July-August 2018 led to the beginning of a series of devaluations in Turkey, and the economy has not recovered since then.

A meeting with Joe Biden, who prefers to stay aloof from Erdoğan, cannot create any stressful situation for the current most experienced personality of Turkish politics and state administration like Mr. Erdoğan. And because this meeting has been wanted for a long time by Mr. Erdoğan, it is vitally important for Biden, who wants to secure the support of Arabs and Muslims in a "slippery" state like Michigan on the way to the November election. As Joe Biden is well aware of the power of influence of Erdoğan, who rose to the position of the most powerful leader in the Islamic world in the last 30 years, over Muslims, he will try to use his power.

Ankara's "mediation and peace proposals" should not be taken seriously in the Russia-Ukraine war. Because as the sanctions of the West become stronger, Turkey is also forced to limit its trade relations with its northern neighbor. This will never satisfy Moscow. Because there are oil and gas pipelines passing through the territory of Turkey and, most importantly, there is a nuclear power plant on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the fate of that plant is vitally important for Moscow, and it is also unknown how the two countries will make a decision in this regard if that facility is also banned in the next wave of Western sanctions.

Although Mr. Erdoğan, who has to take perfect steps in foreign policy, analyzed the reasons for the heavy defeat suffered by his party in the municipal election and tried to take the necessary steps, it cannot be denied that the defeat significantly weakened the hand of the central government.

Since April 2019, the central government has not only created all kinds of problems for the municipalities ruled by the main opposition party but the fact that the majority in the municipal councils are in the ruling party has made it difficult for the main opposition party to implement its plans.

The fact that the main opposition party won the majority in the municipal councils in the March 31 election, especially in the most important metropolises such as Istanbul and Ankara, not only reduced the function of power factions in local self-government bodies to zero but also clearly shows that the central government will not be able to create the previous obstacles.

On April 15, the scene in the municipal councils of Ankara and Istanbul, from this point of view, really discomforted the authorities.

See, the political Islamists who have seen all these scenes and realize that they have to respect the results of the ballot boxes by the will of the people, once again include moves that resonate with "Sharia" in the cycle of power.

The semantics of the move brought up by the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly, Numan Kurtulmuş, and trying to use the half-baked constitution of 1921 as a "democratic document" should be evaluated as the desperation of political Islam. However, it is impossible for all these efforts to have a reflection either in the parliament or in society.

Political Islam, which was defeated in the election, will re-enter the market with the "Sharia" card, which will create comical situations.

Be patient...

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