Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

In an exclusive interview with Armenpress on the eve of his official visit to Armenia on April 15, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev spoke about his country's great interest in strengthening transport infrastructure in the South Caucasus region, emphasizing its key role in the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TMTM) and advocating peace between the  Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Tokayev noted Kazakhstan's significant achievements in the development of transport infrastructure over the past 15 years, which made it possible to position the country as a vital transit hub connecting Europe and Asia. With 13 transport corridors, including 5 railway and 8 automobile routes passing through Kazakhstan, the country has become a key link in the continental transport networks.

The central place in Kazakhstan's transport strategy is occupied by the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route (TMTM), along which in 2023 the volume of cargo traffic increased by 65% and amounted to 2.8 million tons. It is noteworthy that the export of Kazakh products increased 2.5 times, which indicates the growing interest of European companies in the Trans-Caspian route.

To optimize operations and improve efficiency, the railway administrations of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia have established a joint venture Middle Corridor Multimodal Ltd, which aims to combine logistics services and tariff policy.

The President of Kazakhstan stressed the growing importance of the South Caucasus in the transport network of Eurasia, highly appreciating Armenia's "Crossroads of the World" initiative and advocating a comprehensive study of its integration into regional logistics structures.

In addition to the economic consequences, Tokayev stressed the role of transport links in promoting regional integration and lasting peace. He stressed the importance of mutual agreements between the parties concerned to unblock communication channels, thereby contributing to economic prosperity and stability in the South Caucasus.

Referring to the efforts to establish peace in the region, Tokayev reaffirmed Kazakhstan's firm commitment to international law and the principles enshrined in the UN Charter. He stressed the central role of the United Nations in preserving global peace and advocated diplomatic dialogue to resolve conflicts, including those related to territorial integrity.

Expressing Kazakhstan's interest in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations, Tokayev stressed that his country supports the early conclusion of a peace treaty between the two countries. As a supporter of peacekeeping initiatives, Kazakhstan is ready to step up efforts for the peaceful and stable development of the region.

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