Turkey"s parliament authorizes the country"s armed forces for military operations in Syria

Turkish parliament yesterday  adopted a law allowing  conducting military operations on the territory of other countries. According to Turkish media, immediately after the adoption of this law armored vehicles in Turkey focused on the border with Syria. In the combat readiness  are  the  army, special forces, air force Turkey.

Deployment  of military units on the territory of Syria depends on the  development of events in the country.

Turkish Chief of Staff, Necet Ozel, sent a letter to the Turkish military, which protects the mausoleum "Suleiman Shah," which is located in the city of Aleppo in Syria. In the letter, he noted that in case of danger, the Turkish military forces  will start  attack on the enemy.

Turkish President Erdogan also emphasizes the inevitability of military operations in the event of an attack on the mausoleum "Suleiman Shah."

On October 3, the terrorists who call themselves "Islamic state", began the attack on three fronts on the city of Kobani bordering  with Turkey, where Kurds live. Online Resources reported that from the west terrorists have invaded the city of Coban. The Kurdish armed groups cannot resist the terrorists, and get ready for street fighting in the city. -05D04-

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