Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Açiq mənbələrdən foto.

Baku/17.06.20/Turan: 44% of Azerbaijani citizens have a positive image of the European Union (EU) - an increase of 17% when compared to 2016. Only 9% of the population is negative about the EU.

This is stated in the report of the Eastern Neighborhood project, funded by the European Union, following a survey in six Eastern Partnership countries.

The study was conducted from February to March 2020 (before the crisis caused by COVID-19). 1,000 people were interviewed in each country. Similar studies have been conducted for the fifth year, starting in 2016.

35% of the respondents are neutral towards the EU, 9% are negative, and 12% said they do not know or have never heard of the EU.

Expressing their attitude to the most important values ​​of the EU, 75% of the respondents spoke for human rights, 74% for the rule of law and economic prosperity, and 72% for honesty and transparency, security and freedom of speech.

30% of the respondents said they know about EU financial support for Azerbaijan, and 76% of them found it effective.

69% of Azerbaijanis, who are aware of the European Union, feel relations with the EU are good.

The EU is the most trusted international institution, enjoying a 41% level of trust (up 13% since 2018) while the EAEU is trusted by only 26%.

47% of the respondents believe the EU contributes to the preservation of traditional values in society, 52% believe that the EU brings tangible benefits in everyday life, and 42% believe that integration with the EU enhances the country's security and stability. –71D-  


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