70 metric tons of humanitariansupplies cross the Lachin road

Geneva (ICRC) – Nearly 70 metric tons of humanitarian supplies crossed the Lachin road on Saturday 23 September on an International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) convoy. The humanitarian goods -- destined for communities in need -- included 66 metric tons of wheat flour, 2,700 kilograms of salt, 450 kilograms of dried yeast, and 375 liters of sunflower oil. An ICRC team on Saturday also carried out the medical evacuation of 17 people wounded during the fighting. The team delivered medical supplies and body bags for the dignified management of the dead to the local hospital. This humanitarian work is possible because of ICRC’s role as a neutral intermediary. The ICRC speaks to all actors involved in a given situation of armed conflict to gain acceptance and carry out life-saving work for the greatest number of victims of violence possible. Despite a recent cease-fire, the humanitarian consequences of the military escalation are strongly being felt across the region. Families are searching for relatives they have lost contact with, including unaccompanied children. Communities have been displaced and relatives are asking for assistance to bury dead bodies, while a lack of electricity, basic commodities, and access to health care makes life difficult. Given the scale of humanitarian needs, the ICRC is increasing its presence in the region by adding personnel specializing in health, forensics, protection issues, and weapons contamination issues.

Let us recall that on September 23, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, at a meeting with the Special Representative of the European Union for the South Caucasus Toivo Klaar, regarding the humanitarian situation in the region, noted that the the fact that Azerbaijan positively responded to and supported the requests of the International Committee of the Red Cross was underlined.-0-

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