A paralyzed activist is on hunger strike in a pre-trial detention center

A paralyzed activist is on hunger strike in a pre-trial detention center

Paralyzed activist Famil Khalilov has been on hunger strike for the second day in Baku pre-trial detention center-1 in protest against his unjustified criminal prosecution, his wife Kichikhanym Khalilova told Turan. She noted that F.Khalilov went on hunger strike on May 22 after a hearing of the Court of Appeal, which refused to transfer him to house arrest.

Today F.Khalilov called home and said that he was continuing his hunger strike. "Famil does not eat for the second day and only drinks water and smokes cigarettes," she said. The activist is being held in the sanitary part of the pre-trial detention center.

The activist's wife stressed that F.Khalilov has both hands paralyzed and is being watched by other prisoners who are in the same cell-ward with him. The Prison Service could not be reached for comment.

Khalilov lived in Sweden for several years, hoping to get asylum. He received special injections every three months, which relieved his condition. A year ago, after being deported to Azerbaijan, he lost medical care and his condition worsened.

Despite the paralysis of his hands, Khalilov was active on social networks and wrote on the computer with his toes. He criticized the authorities and called for participation in protest actions. Khalilov was detained on May 4. The activist was charged under Article 234.4.3 (large-scale drug trafficking) of the Criminal Code. He faces up to 12 years in prison.


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