Alasgar Mammadli met with his brother

“I met with Alesker for the first time since the day he was detained in the Baku pre-trial detention center. The meeting took place over the phone behind a glass wall,” said Nasimi Mammadli, brother of the legal founder of Toplum TV, media rights expert Alesker Mammadli.

According to him, Alesker was examined by a doctor in the pre-trial detention center.

A representative of the Ombudsman's Office also took part in the verification process. The pre-trial detention center doctor also confirmed the diagnosis made to him in a private clinic. He is currently taking medications prescribed by his doctor," - Nasimi Mammadli noted.

Although the doctor recommended an urgent biopsy of the thyroid gland, he noted that this was not yet possible. Alasker's general health appears normal, but he is having difficulty breathing," he said.

Nasimi Mammadli emphasized that his brother refuses to testify to the investigation on the grounds that he has not committed any crime. He considers the accusations against him completely unfounded. He hopes this injustice will end soon. Alesker expressed gratitude to everyone who supported him. He condemned the media who slander and lie about him and called on them to respect the presumption of innocence.

Alesker was arrested on completely fictitious charges of money smuggling. The only reason for his arrest is to create a free, independent, impartial, objective, fair and balanced media. As the founder of Toplum TV, he introduced an exemplary media outlet to the society. It was a platform on which the authorities, the opposition and independent people freely expressed their opinions.

In a short time, Toplum TV was able to establish itself as a platform for alternative opinions. Unfortunately, it was not possible to continue the work of such an important media resource,” said Nasimi Mammadli. He said that the authorities should immediately release Alesker Bey, given his serious health problems and his innocence.

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