İlham Aliyev. РИА Новости

İlham Aliyev. РИА Новости

Baku/15.07.22/Turan: President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev lamented the lack of progress in normalizing Azerbaijani-Armenian relations after the end of the 44-day Patriotic War.

Speaking on July 15 at a meeting dedicated to the results of six months of this year, Aliyev also voiced some positive points, including the first meeting of working groups on delimitation. “I believe that the second meeting will be devoted to discussing practical issues. Of course, we do not yet expect quick results from cooperation in this format, since delimitation is a lengthy process. But in any case, this process has been launched, we can consider it as a successful development.”

Aliyev expressed confidence that the five basic principles of establishing peace between Azerbaijan and Armenia, presented by Azerbaijan, will be accepted by the leadership of Armenia.

“We discussed this issue with several neighboring states - Turkey, Russia, Iran, and this position is supported. The European Union, the United States of America - we discussed this issue with these partners, and in fact, now the basis has been created for the start of peace negotiations. Again, Azerbaijan took the initiative, and we are forming these five principles, and if we had not taken this initiative, then there would still be no development in this direction.”—0—

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