Azerbaijan celebrates 79th anniversary of victory over fascism

Azerbaijan celebrates 79th anniversary of victory over fascism

On May 9, Azerbaijan celebrates the 79th anniversary of the victory over fascism in the World War II. On the occasion of this event, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva paid tribute to the indomitable spirit of self-sacrifice and heroism shown by the Azerbaijani people during this pivotal chapter of history.

The Presidential couple visited the grave of Major General of the Tank Forces Azi Aslanov, twice hero of the Soviet Union, laying flowers at his monument as a sign of respect. In addition, they honored the memory of all Azerbaijani sons and daughters who made the ultimate sacrifice in the crucible of war.

Azerbaijan's contribution to the victory over fascism remains a testament to the nation's unwavering determination and steadfastness. By mobilizing a huge force of 600,000 sons and daughters, Azerbaijan had a significant impact on the battlefield, and more than 300,000 people bravely gave their lives in the name of the great cause. The valor and bravery of the Azerbaijani soldiers were duly noted: more than 130 people were awarded the honorary title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and more than 170, 000 were awarded various orders and medals for outstanding service.

Recall that the Azerbaijani divisions traveled the legendary path from the Caucasus to Berlin, and the countless of their compatriots fought valiantly as part of partisan detachments. Moreover, Azerbaijan's key role as a key supplier of fuels and lubricants, in particular oil, played a crucial role in maintaining Soviet military operations. The country's contribution ensured an uninterrupted flow of vital resources to the front line, emphasizing the irreplaceable role of Azerbaijan in ensuring victory over fascism.

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