Azerbaijan is not going to open land borders - I.Aliyev

Azerbaijan is not going to open land borders - I.Aliyev

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev explained why the country's land borders remain closed. According to him, this is due to national security issues. "The decision to keep the borders closed was made because of COVID-19. Technically, we are still in quarantine. But at the same time, let's make it clear, the decision to leave the borders closed is based not only on this," Aliyev said on April 23, speaking to participants of the international forum "COP29 and a green vision for Azerbaijan."

Recognizing the "inconveniences" of keeping borders closed to Azerbaijani citizens and compatriots abroad, Aliyev noted that "national security should prevail over all other feelings, all other reasons." "Especially now, when there is a war on our northern borders and a crisis in the south. New conflicts appear like mushrooms after the rain. I think the Azerbaijani people understand this well," Aliyev said.

In his opinion, the closure of borders enhances the security of the country. "As someone who deals with national security issues every day, I can say that after the closure of the borders, we saw countless benefits for national security. And this is the reality," he said. Commenting on Aliyev's speech, the executive secretary of the Republican Alternative party, Natig Jafarli, noted that the president finally recognized that closed land borders are not associated with a "pandemic".

Commenting on Aliyev's statement, Jafarli noted: "The land borders are not caravanserai, the goods and documents passing through them are checked in the same way as through the airport. Therefore, this argument (of the president) raises questions.  Our country is stronger than its neighbors, isn't it? How is it that they can protect their security with open borders, but we can't? These questions must also be answered," Jafarli said.

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