Azimov: Meeting in Paris, had no effect

The meeting held in Paris by the Foreign Ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan with participation of the OSCE Minsk Group was not encouraging. The results did not differ from the previous ones, and did not meet the official Baku. Deputy Foreign Minister Araz Azimov expressed this opinion to journalists on Monday.

"The Minsk process should be given a new initiative. Azerbaijan proposed the initiative. Unfortunately, Armenia has not given a positive response," Azimov said, without specifying what was the initiative of Azerbaijan.

 However, he did not rule out that Armenia's position will change after the presidential elections in the country. "We need to work together by the Minsk Group," said Azimov.

Commenting on the plans of the Armenian side to start the Khojaly airport, Azimov said that Azerbaijan's position corresponds to the Chicago Convention, which prohibits illegal flights. The Convention allows the interception of intruders and their forced landing.

Azimov said that Azerbaijan is not going to shoot down civilian aircraft.

The Armenian side has threatened to begin flights to the Khojaly airport. This is contrary to international law. "The opening of an illegal air corridor would occupy air space," said Azimov. -16D06-


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