In a major policy reversal, the Biden administration has this week greenlighted Ukrainian request to strike inside Russia with American weapons, TURAN’s Washington correspondent reports citing two senior officials. 

The move comes as Russia has been increasing its troop concentration in the Kharkiv region where it has made some significant advances in a spring offensive.

While the administration’s decision is “purely about Kharkiv offensive”, as one official put it, believing that it will help Ukraine better defend its second-largest city, the term and conditions of the U.S. permission is “yet to be finalized,” another source told TURAN when asked whether the Ukrainians will be able to hit back at Russia by using all of American weapons at its disposal, including the ATACMS.

Biden last month signed a major foreign aid package providing $61 billion in assistance for Ukraine, and the administration is currently working on announcing its next tranche in the coming days.

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