Candidate for the post of European Commissioner: "Southern Gas Corridor" is an absolute priority

Creating a "Southern Gas Corridor"  to deliver gas from Azerbaijan to the European Union, should be one of the priorities of EU energy policy, said the candidate for the post of European Commissioner for Climate and Energy, Miguel Arias Canete, at a hearing on Thursday in the profile committee of  the European Parliament.

The project provides for the construction of a gas pipeline system in 2019 TANAP-TAP from Azerbaijan's Shah-Deniz field through Georgia, Turkey, Greece, Albania to the south of Italy.  It is planned  transport  six  billion cubic meters of gas to Turkey, and 10 billion cubic meters to Europe.

"I think that the" Southern Corridor "should be an absolute priority,"  said Cañete. Among the priorities of  the EU energy policy, he noted  the  energy efficiency, diversification of  energy sources, creating links for the transferring  energy within the EU.

In the case of approval the candidacy of Canete,  he will replace Gunther Oettinger, the current Commissioner for Energy. -02D-

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