Consideration of the appeal in the case of "Ismayilly case" is postponed for August 12

Consideration of the appeal of the  convicted in the Ismayilli events  is postponed  for  August 12, Turan was told by lawyer Nemat Kerimli protecting the rights of Tofig Yagublu, the deputy chairman of the party "Musavat."   On March 17, 2013 Sheki  Serious Crimes Court  sentenced 18 defendants in connection with the riots in Ismailly 23-24 January 2013.  Ilgar Mamedov,  a leader   of

REAL Movement, was sentenced to seven years in prison, the deputy chairman of the party "Musavat" Tofig Yagublu  to five years. Another eight people were sentenced to eight years of imprisonment, and  the  same number of defendants received suspended sentences.

On May 20 in Sheki Court of Appeal held a preliminary hearing in the case, and the hearing  were scheduled for June 5. Later, however, the judge postponed the hearing indefinitely.

    Today it became known that the application will be considered  on August 12, the  lawyer Kerimli  was told by the  judge  assistant, Inshallaha Guliyev. He explained  it by the  "busyness  of  lawyers" and that one of the judges was on vacataion.

According to the same Kerimli, the trial  is delayed deliberately. "International organizations insist on the release of 14 prisoners of conscience, including Tofig Yagublu, Ilgar Mamedov,  and eight activists of  NIDA. The authorities want to extend the appellate proceedings under the pretext that the verdicts have not entered into force, to talk about lack of legal capacity for mercy," said Kerimli.

* On May 22, the ECHR found a violation of the rights of Mammadov in connection with his complaint against the illegal arrest. Complaint  of Yagublu  was  accepted  for communication  by the ECHR.

Previously foreign ministers of France and Britain, the U.S. Embassy condemned the conviction of Yagublu and Mamedov.  International organization Amnesty International recognized Yagublu  and Mamedov as "prisoners of conscience". -06B-

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