Day of National Salvation

Day of National Salvation

June 15 Azerbaijani authorities to celebrate the of National Salvation Day. On this day in 1993 the republic announced thatdemocracy would be the main priority for the country. In June of that year forces of Russia"s reactionary circles attempted a coup d"etat. The goal was to overthrow the democratic pro-western government of Popular Front and bring Azerbaijan back under Moscow"s influence. Those forces promised Azerbaijan that they could join the CIS, the Collective Security Forces (CSF) Treaty, the Agreement on Joint Guard of Frontiers, and creation of Russian military base in Ganja. In addition they promised a settlement to the Karabakh conflict through Russia"s mediation.

The situation was complicated because the mutinies started giving up to Armenia"s armed forces, and under the influence of Russia, started active military actions at the front line. In June the fate of Agdam region was pre-determined. In order to prevent the destruction of the country President Elchibey and Head of Supreme Mejlis of Nakhchivan, Heydar Aliyev, agreed to confront the mutinies" plans. Elchibey left for his native village Keleki, and Heydar Aliyev became the head of parliament, becoming acting president of Azerbaijan. Later on, after joining CIS and passing 10% of interest to Russia"s LUKoil in the oil contract "Azeri-Chirag-Guneshli", the authorities managed to stabilize the situation.

Despite continuing pressure from Moscow, there was no agreement with Russia. Azerbaijan  intergrated with the Europe, the "Contract of century" and the "Partnership for Peace" Agreement with NATO were signed. Azerbaijan also joined the CE and GUAM. However serious problems with democracy, human rights, and freedom of economy remains unchanged.

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