Economists called for Farid Mehralizadeh to be released under house arrest

Economists called for Farid Mehralizadeh to be released under house arrest

A group of economists appealed to government agencies with a request to replace economic expert Farid Mehralizadeh's pre-trial detention with house arrest.

"We consider it advisable to conduct an objective investigation of the charges against Farid Mehralizadeh and replace his arrest with house arrest for the duration of the investigation," the appeal says. The economists who signed the document ask government agencies to consider all possible means to release the young economist Farid Mehralizadeh.

"Farid Mehralizadeh is one of the leading economists of the younger generation of Azerbaijan. We believe that in the future he will become one of our leading scientists. This opinion is based on his work on the analysis of economic, social, educational and other issues. These studies are a contribution to the economic science of the country," the document says.

The document was signed by: President of the Foundation for Support of Entrepreneurship and Market Economy Development Sabit Bagirov; Professor of the State University of Economics Rasim Hasanov; independent economists Inglab Akhmedov, Elchin Rashid, Azer Mehdiyev, Samir Aliyev, Rovshan Agayev, Togrul Valiyev, Khatai Aliyev, Rashad Hasanov.

* Recall that Farid Mehralizadeh was detained on May 30 and charged with smuggling foreign currency as part of a criminal case against employees of the online publication "Paragraph Media".

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