Emin Milli Leaves Meydan TV

Baku / 29.04.19 / Turan: Emin Milli announced his resignation from the post of the head of the online resource Meydan TV. He said that he would leave his post, passing the affairs within three months.

Milli considers the prolonged stay of one person in the post to be wrong, the message published on the website Meydan.Tv reads. In his opinion, no one should stay longer than 5 years in office. "Leaders must find the courage to transfer their seats to younger, more knowledgeable and operational staff," said Milli.

"The greatest success of the leader is leaving the post, leaving a team that could work and continue without him," said Milli.

He believes that Meydan TV has become one of the most successful media projects in Azerbaijan.

"This is the success of both Afghan Mukhtarly contained in prison and Shirin subjected to torture - the success of all the heroes working with us, whose names I cannot name. And this is the success of those who supported us all these years," Milli further emphasizes.

He notes that he has not yet decided on his further activities. "I will look for a job and think how I can be useful for Azerbaijan, for our people, society and state," Milli said.

Meydan TV was established by Emin Milli in Berlin in 2013. This resource took a sharply critical position in relation to the authorities of Azerbaijan.

A criminal case was opened against Meydan TV. Journalists collaborating with the online edition have been subjected to pressure and harassment. Some of them were forced to leave the country. About a dozen journalists have faced a "stop" at the border crossing.

Publishing on Meydan.TV of the investigation of corruption in the highest echelons of power, Afghan Mukhtarly was kidnapped in Georgia, secretly redirected to Azerbaijan and sentenced to 6 years of imprisonment here. In 2017, the website was blocked in Azerbaijan.

About a year ago, a controversy broke out between Milli and supporters of the National Council of Democratic Forces after the head of Meydan TV began to criticize the traditional opposition for holding coordinated rallies.

The gratitude of Milli, expressed to the President of Azerbaijan after the March pardon, was received ambiguously in the opposition camp. Some people even saw this as "compromising" with the authorities. -06D--

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