Ali Nagiyev

Ali Nagiyev

In the wake of the Second Karabakh War, the  geopolitical picture of the South Caucasus has undergone profound shifts, with France and some Western nations adopting strategies that are raising eyebrows  in Baku. Head of the State Security Service of Azerbaijan, Ali Nagiyev, has voiced apprehensions regarding France's recent establishment of a military mission in Armenia, suggesting that it could potentially escalate tensions and even provoke another conflict.

Speaking at an event commemorating the 105th anniversary of Azerbaijan's security agencies, Nagiyev pointed out that rather than fostering peace, France's actions seem to be fueling instability by supplying weapons and ammunition to Armenia, which has occupied Azerbaijani territories for decades. Nagiyev's concerns, as reported by Interfax-Azerbaijan, highlight the perceived threat of France's covert activities aimed at destabilizing the region.

The decision by Paris to deploy a military mission in Armenia has been interpreted by Azerbaijani authorities as a provocative move, signaling France's intention to turn the South Caucasus into a battleground. Nagiyev accuses France of not only arming Armenia but also engaging in clandestine operations through its intelligence services, allegedly forming spy networks that undermine Azerbaijan's security interests.

Nagiyev emphasized the vigilance of Azerbaijan's State Security Service in uncovering and countering such threats. He pledged to take necessary measures to safeguard the country against potential destabilization efforts orchestrated by external actors. The rhetoric underscores Azerbaijan's determination to defend its sovereignty amidst growing regional tensions.

In addition to addressing external threats, Nagiyev highlighted the role of Azerbaijan's security system  in combating terrorism and transnational organized crime. He pointed to the expansion of international relations as a crucial aspect of the State Security Service's operational effectiveness, emphasizing cooperation with nearly 100 intelligence agencies worldwide.

Providing statistical insights, Nagiyev disclosed that in 2023 alone, the State Security Service conducted investigations into 190 criminal cases involving 340 individuals. These cases span a spectrum of offenses, including treason, espionage, terrorism, and participation in armed conflicts outside Azerbaijan. Furthermore, efforts to recover assets obtained through criminal activities resulted in the seizure of over 175 million manats worth of money and property, underscoring the agency's commitment to upholding the rule of law and combating illicit activities.

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