German companies to build water supply and sewerage in Karabakh

German companies to build water supply and sewerage in Karabakh

The German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce organized a visit and meetings of six German companies with government agencies of Azerbaijan. The Germans want to participate in the construction of water supply and sewerage networks in the Karabakh Economic Region (KER). At a conference dedicated to this issue in Baku, representatives of German companies demonstrated their capabilities and work done in Germany and other countries.

Tobias Baumann, an executive member of the Chamber, said, there are many reports in the press about some "political differences" between Baku and Berlin. In fact, Azerbaijan and Germany "maintain close economic cooperation."

According to him, the trip of representatives of the companies to Karabakh was originally planned, but "for unnamed reasons" the trip did not take place. Baumann expressed confidence that such a visit would take place later.

The deputy head of the German diplomatic mission in Azerbaijan, Heiko Schwarz, said that his country's Foreign Ministry pays great attention to the problem of supplying clean water to the population of other countries.  He believes that Germany can be useful to Azerbaijan, German companies and technologies will help build a managed wastewater and clean water system in the liberated territories.

Representatives of German companies also spoke at the conference: Lutz-Jesco GmbH, Megger Germany GmbH, Herrenknect, Siemens AG Osterreich, Bioworks Verfahrenstechnik GmbH, GuPont Water Solutions.

Bashir Hajiyev, Deputy Special Representative of the President of Azerbaijan in the liberated territories, noted that the visit of German companies is important, since Azerbaijan intends to carry out restoration work at a high technical level using green technologies.

The German Federal Ministry of Environment and Nuclear Safety took part in organizing the visit of German companies and in holding the conference.



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