Hollywood star wars will remain in Hollywood - the astronaut

Baku/11.12.17/Turan: It is necessary to avoid the use of outer space for military purposes. NASA was created not as a military, but as a civilian organizationç said at a briefing at the Baku American Center on December 11, NASA astronaut, Heidi Piper. Most of the cosmonauts worked first in the military sphere. "They basically serve either in the Air Force or the Navy. A wealth of experience allows them to become astronauts. When we worked at NASA, most of the time we do not wear military uniform, although we are military and have a military rank. NASA is a civilian organization," she said.

Answering the question about the probability of "star wars", she said that the threat of wars was always, but we hope that this will not affect the study of outer space. I hope that the "Star Wars" will remain in Hollywood movies and will not happen in reality, "she said.

Sponsor of the visit of the astronaut to Azerbaijan was the US Embassy. Piper had a meeting with the young inhabitants of Kurdamir, where she visited the American Center. Further, she will visit the Military Academy of the Armed Forces of Azerbaijan, the University of ADA, the Engineering University, the Academy of Oil Industry and the Academy of Sciences of the country. The visit will end on December 12.-03C-

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