Ilham Aliyev: Police Will Not Be Punished!

In the Police Day - July 2, the President visited the Police Academy, where he spoke to employees of the Interior Ministry. He made a number of serious allegations that reflect the essence of his domestic policy.

"In Azerbaijan society, citizens have a lot of faith in the future. All polls show that citizens of Azerbaijan believe that await them in the future even better conditions, wonderful life," he said, adding that much of the credit for this belongs to police officers.

Interior Minister daily reports that during the day they reveal about 30-40 crimes. The vast majority of them are not so serious crimes. For a country with a population of 9.3 million people 30-40 is very little crime.

"Azerbaijan is one of the safest countries, Baku is one of the safest cities in the world. People really get a kick out of life," said Aliyev.

 "You know, I constantly defend and will defend the police. I remember in 2005, when some forces wanted to make an "orange revolution" in Azerbaijan, the decisive actions of the police stopped all these negative things. Then, Azerbaijan was subjected to pressure by the international organizations. Now, of course, no one can put pressure on us, I can say that such attempts have been exhausted. But then there was a lot of pressure, so that we condemned the actions of the police, who allegedly were overzealous. That is, we were set conditions. I said then, and today I want to say that no member of the police will be punished," said Aliyev.

"Today I also want to say that the police act within the law, adequately respond and will be responsible for all illegal acts. Let no one doubt that if someone again wishes to test our strength, he will get a decent answer," threatened Aliyev. -02D-


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