Imran Aliyev has been brought to justice in the case of “Abzas Media”

Imran Aliyev has been brought to justice in the case of “Abzas Media”

The Khatai District Court of Baku chose a preventive measure against Aliyev in the form of arrest for a period of 2 months and 1 day.

During the court hearing, Aliyev complained of physical pressure. He was subjected to electric shock torture in order to confess, Aliyev’s relatives told Turan.

According to his relatives, he was beaten, demanding that he sign some kind of confession and refuse a lawyer. The beating started in the car on the way from the airport to the police.

The relatives noticed traces of beating and torture in court.

The defense is appealing the arrest decision to the appellate court.

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2024-04-19 17:05

Imran Aliyev has been brought to justice in the case of “Abzas Media”

Imran Aliyev, manager of the site has been brought to criminal responsibility in the case of “Abzas Media.” He was charged under  the Article 206.3.2 (smuggling by prior agreement by a group of persons) the Criminal Code of Azerbaijan.

In the coming hours, the Khatai court of Baku will choose a preventive measure in the form of arrest. Aliyev was detained the night before at Baku airport. He immediately assumed that they wanted to involve him in the case of “Abzas Media.”

*On November 20 last year, the director of “Abzas Media” Ulvi Hasanli was detained. During a search of the company's office, the police "found" 40 thousand euros.

On the same day, the deputy director of “Abzas Media,” Muhammad Kekalov, was detained, and on November 21, the editor-in-chief, Sevinj Vagifgizy, was detained. Sometime later, journalist Nargiz Absalyamova was arrested; on December 13, investigative journalist Hafiz Babaly was arrested, and on January 13 - Elnara Gasimova.

All of them are charged under the Article 206.3.2 of the Criminal Code (smuggling committed by a group of persons by prior agreement), and they face from 5 to 8 years in prison. They are accused of illegally receiving grants from foreign donors.

International journalistic organizations have called on the Azerbaijani authorities to immediately release the detained journalists and stop pressure on independent media.


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