Journalist Khadija İsmaylova, 4 hours detention at Baku airport

Khadija Ismayilova  was released at  about 01:00, she told Turan.  They demanded from her a flash card and even wanted  to take her to the police, but then returned to the customs department and released, but did not return a flash card. "In the end, they told me that the flash card is not a usb card, and therefore they do not need it.  Then I  joined the flash card to the camera and showed them that the card is empty. They were very angry," said Ismailova.

* * *

Investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova was detained  at Baku airport on return from Strasbourg. At the border checkpoint  they took her passport, and told that she would have to wait. Then  her luggage was inspected, demanded her flash cards.

Ismaylova objected, pointing out that it contains information relating to the personal data and journalistic work.

Customs officials say they cannot let her go without checking flash cards because it may contain "anti-state information."

Ismaylova  wrote about it on her facebook.-06D—

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