Member of National Council Coordination Center reported pressures on his family

Member of National Council Coordination Center reported pressures on his family

Vidadi Mirkamal, member of the Coordination Center of the National Council reported pressures on his family. According to him, it is related to the rally scheduled by the National Council for 19 May.  Mirkamal signed a letter of notification to the executive power of Baku about the rally.

On his Facebook page, he wrote that on 5 May in the evening a district police officer came to my house, he was told that I was at a dacha.  ‘The policeman started asking questions not related to the police: which party Mirkamal is a member of, where his sons work and so on.

I spoke to him on the phone and asked him what business the police had with which party I belonged to and where my children worked?  The police major said that he was sent by the leadership.  I answered him that I have been lecturing for 25 years at the law faculty of Baku State University, I am a member of the Bar Association, and these actions of the police are contrary to the Constitution and laws of the country. Go and explain to your superiors that the assignment is illegal’.

Nevertheless, my son later received a call from the police, invited him to a meeting and asked him where he worked.

‘My son also said he would attend the meeting if he received an official call. For the information, both my sons are lawyers but all doors are closed for them because of my political views,’ Mirkamal said.

The Interior Ministry's press service did not respond to Turan's inquiry about Vidadi Mirkamal's statement regarding pressures on him and his family.

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