National Council pays tribute to the Turkish soldiers-liberators

Leaders and members of the National Council of Democratic Forces of Azerbaijan laid 

flowers at the memorial to Turkish soldiers-liberators and honored their memory to mark the 96th anniversary of 
the liberation of Baku from enemies. 
On September 15, 1918 the Turkish troops of the Caucasian Islamic Army liberated Baku from armed groups SR-
Menshevik government "Dictatorship" and the Armenian nationalist party "Dashnakutiun." Thus security by 
the Azerbaijani population was provided, and the government moved to the capital of the Azerbaijan People's 
Republic (1918-20.) 
The memorial was erected by the Turkish government in 1999. The names of all 1,130 Turkish soldiers who gave 
their lives for freedom in Azerbaijan have been engraved on gilded plates. 
Liberation of Baku created the conditions for moving of the government of Azerbaijan People's Republic to the 
capital from the city of Ganja, and the beginning of full-scale work on the formation of a democratic state, said 
the chairman of NCJA professor Jamil Hasanly, noting the close cooperation of Turkish and Azerbaijani troops. 
Leader of the Popular Front Party Ali Kerimli said that these events have demonstrated the validity of the 
thesis "One nation - two states". "To help the democratic republic came the Sultan of Turkey, whit is an evidence 
that the unity of the two peoples is above the political systems and governments," said Kerimli.-0 -

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