PPFA deputy chairman accused of theft and detained

PPFA deputy chairman accused of theft and detained

The investigation into the ‘theft’ reported by the Interior Ministry this morning, allegedly committed by Ayaz Magerramli, the deputy head of the opposition Party of People's Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA), has not been confirmed. He was released at midday after a court fined him 150 manat for ‘petty hooliganism’.

Commenting to Turan Agency on the incident, Ayaz Magerramli said he received an order to deliver a parcel from Baku to Shirvan to an address where he had previously transported things. "When I delivered the parcel, the owners invited me to the table to have lunch. When we were sitting at the table, the police knocked on the door and said there was a report of theft from the neighbours. I was taken to the police and there they learnt that I was an oppositionist. From there they brought me to court, where I was accused of petty hooliganism and fined 150 manat,’ the PPFA deputy head said. 

Commenting on the incident, the Interior Ministry said that after the application of ‘administrative measures’, Magerramli was released.

A question arises: what about theft?

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PPFA deputy chairman accused of theft and detained

Deputy Chairman of the Party of People's Front of Azerbaijan (PPFA) Ayaz Magerramly detained.

According to the PPFA, Magerramly has been out of contact since the evening of 6 June.  Today it became known that he was detained.

"He was accused of theft. That is not possible. He was working as a taxi driver. Apparently, he received an order to take something from Baku to Shirvan and they want to present it as theft.  The authorities have exhausted the accusations of drugs and hooliganism and now come up with this,’ the press service of the PPFA said.

In turn, the press service of the Interior Ministry informed Turan that on 6 June at 23.00 the IM's hotline ‘102’ received a call that an unknown person entered a private house in Shirvan city with the purpose of stealing.

On the call of the police this man was detained, he turned out to be previously convicted Magerramly Ayaz Gabib oglu. An investigation is underway.

It ought to be noted that Magerramly was arrested for participation in the Karabakh rally on 15 July 2020. When 50, 000 people took to the streets demanding the liberation of the occupied territories. Subsequently, he, like all other defendants in the case, received a suspended sentence.

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