SOCAR denies direct oil sales to Israel

SOCAR denies direct oil sales to Israel

"Radical groups committed several provocations against SOCAR's head office in Istanbul on 12 March, 29 May, 31 May and 2 June, as well as in Bursa on 24 May, which posed a threat to the lives of the company's employees.’ SOCAR said in a statement in connection with the latest attack by a group of religious radicals on SOCAR's Istanbul office.

"Accusations regarding SOCAR's sale of crude oil to Israel are not true and are aimed at misinforming public opinion. Within the framework of our relations with trading companies, we cannot control or interfere with which countries the crude oil supplied to them from SOCAR is transported to,’ the press release said.

Note that SOCAR is Turkey's largest foreign investor with $18.3 billion and 5,600 employees.

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