Arrested Akif Gurbanov deprived of meetings and phone calls

Arrested Akif Gurbanov deprived of meetings and phone calls

On 1 June, Akif Gurbanov, the arrested chairman of the board of "Platform III of the Republic", was not allowed to meet with his relatives in the pre-trial detention centre, nor was he allowed to call home on 1 June. His associates believe that the reason for the violation of Gurbanov's rights is his speech in the Court of Appeal, where he criticised the Azerbaijani authorities.

On 1 June, Gurbanov's family members were not allowed to meet with him in Baku pre-trial detention centre-1, "Platform III of the Republic" reports. The things brought to him were carefully and strictly checked.  Gurbanov was not allowed to hand over books.

On the same day, Gurbanov was not allowed to call home, the same source said.

It may be reminded that Gurbanov criticised the Azerbaijani authorities and methods of law enforcement agencies, comparing them to "Stalin's NKVD". His speech was published in the media.

Associates expressed concern for the fate of Gurbanov, who has been completely isolated from the outside world in recent days.

*Akif Gurbanov was detained on 6 March 2024 as a part of the "Toplum TV" case. On 8 March, Khatai district court arrested him for 4 months.

Alesker Mammadli, founder of the "Toplum TV" website, Ruslan Izzatli, member of the "Platform III of the Republic", Mushfiq Jabbar, editor of the "Toplum TV", Ramil Babayev, Ilkin Amrakhov and Ali Zeinal, employees of the Institute of Democratic Initiatives, were also detained.

All were accused of currency smuggling, with pro-government media reporting on the alleged ‘illegal’ receipt of grants from abroad.

International organizations, including the US State Department, have called on the Azerbaijani authorities to release those unjustly arrested.

In turn, the Penitentiary Service told  Turan agency that there is no restrictions for Akif Gurbanov.

“Detainee Akif Gurbanov has no restrictions on telephone calls and visits. He can meet with family members, make telephone calls, and receive packages from home in the quantities required by law,” the Penitentiary Service noted.

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