İsa Gambar

İsa Gambar

The Musavat Party held meeting on June 10 to address several pressing issues, including the alarming trend of suicides among Karabakh veterans. The party's executive committee, known as the "sofa," reviewed recent activities and outlined plans for the upcoming weeks.

One of the key agenda items was the planned commemoration of the national liberation movement leader and former President Abulfaz Elchibey. The party decided to honor his legacy by visiting his grave in the Alley of Honor on June 24 at 12:00, marking his birth anniversary.

The party also discussed the possibility of early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, highlighting the need for thorough preparation. Plans were devised to ensure the party is ready to engage effectively in the electoral process.

The meeting included an analysis of the recent European Parliament elections. Concerns were voiced over the rising influence of extreme nationalist forces in France and Germany. The Musavat Party noted with some relief that their ally, the European Liberal Democratic Union (ALDE Group), secured third place in the elections.

In addition, the Musavat Party addressed President Ilham Aliyev's recent comments against Euro-integration. The party reiterated its commitment to Euro-integration, emphasizing that it aligns with Azerbaijan's national interests and constitutional values. "Euro-integration has been the historical choice of the Azerbaijani people since 1918, and no one can change this choice against the will of the people," stated the party.

A particularly grave topic discussed was the recent suicides of Karabakh veterans Adalat Ismayilov and Mirjavid Bedirov, who took their own lives due to severe social hardships. The Musavat Party linked these tragic incidents to the veterans' difficult social situations and called for comprehensive measures from the authorities to address their issues. The party emphasized the necessity of responding sensitively and effectively to the appeals and needs of individuals, particularly those who have served the country.

The Musavat Party's calls for action underline the urgent need to support Karabakh veterans, ensuring they receive the assistance and recognition they deserve. The meeting concluded with a strong message to the authorities to take immediate and meaningful steps to address the root causes of these distressing events.

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