Lecture on the tombstones in Azerbaijan

Lecture on the tombstones in Azerbaijan

Last Saturday, the National Museum of Art hosted a lecture by researchers of the Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology of ANAS Rustam Huseynov and Mehdi Ali: "Artistic features of the tombstones of Azerbaijan. Traditions and modernity."  The audience was informed about the peculiarities of the decoration and epigraphy of tombstones, about the process of the emergence of this tradition of degradation.  Special attention was paid to the runic monuments on the territory of Azerbaijan, their features, location, current state and influence on the style of subsequent eras.

The audience was particularly interested in the runes on funerary monuments and the presence of pagan symbols on tombstones of the Islamic era, the mixing of styles and the existence of different types in the same period. The purpose of the event is to draw attention to modern anthropological research and stimulate interest in studying little - known details of the history and culture of Azerbaijan.

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