The attitude of Azerbaijani authorities to mass media in Azerbaijan is worse than in Belarus, evaluation of the EU Program

The EU project called "Monitoring media freedom in the Eastern Partnership countries" published the rating of media freedom in these countries. According to the report the authors of the project, published on the website, for the first half of 2014, Georgia ranked first, followed by Moldova, and then Ukraine, Armenia, on the fourth, Azerbaijan, and on the fifth place and closes the list - Belarus.

The situation on media freedom is evaluated by ten experts from each country of the number of local journalists, human rights activists, lawyers, social scientists, public figures, who have at least five years of experience in their field.

The index is derived by adding the scores in four categories: "Politics", "The Practice", "Broadcast", "Internet and New Media."

In the sector "Policy", defining the level of human rights and freedoms at the legislative level, Azerbaijan ranked the fifth.  In the sector "Practice", defining the state's role in ensuring the rights and freedoms of the media, Azerbaijan was in last place, behind even Belarus.

In the sector "Broadcast", which determines the level of freedom of TV, Azerbaijan also ranked the fifth. Finally, in the sector "Internet and New Media", determines the level of internet freedom, Azerbaijan ranks the fifth,  one point ahead  of Belarus. -02D-

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