The court invalidated the decisions of the PNFA congress

The court invalidated the decisions of the PNFA congress

On July 5, the Nasimi District Court of Baku decided to invalidate the results of the congress of the Popular Front Party of Azerbaijan (PFPA), held on June 24 last year. This decision was made on the basis of only one participant of the congress, Aydin Aliyev, PFPA Deputy Chairman Seymour Khazi told Turan.  "On June 24 last year, the PFPA congress was held, at which the chairman was elected, elections to the party's governing bodies were held, and other decisions were made. Aydin Aliyev left the congress before its completion, did not participate in the elections, did not exercise the right to speak," Khazi said.

After the congress, he complained to the court about alleged "violations" of procedures in the preparation and conduct of the congress. "And the court, only on the basis of a complaint from one person, declared the decisions of the congress invalid," Khazi said. He stated that the court's decision was unjustified. Khazi pointed out that the congress was open to the press and the elections were transparent. The leader of the PFPA, Ali Kerimli, also declared the illegality of the court's decision.

"The congress was open to the media. The voting and vote counting process was completely transparent. I was elected chairman of the party by secret ballot with an absolute majority of votes. The journalists filmed the trial and presented it to the public. Nevertheless, over the past year, the Ministry of Justice, by political order, illegally did not include the decisions of the congress in the state register. In parallel with the red tape of the Ministry of Justice, this provocative lawsuit was started against us," Kerimli wrote on Facebook.

According to him, the court's decision will be appealed to the appellate instance. "Until the completion of the proceedings in the Court of Appeal, the decisions of the congress remain in force. On the other hand, this court decision does not call into question the status of the PFPA as an officially registered political party. The aim of the regime is not to recognize me as a representative of the party," Kerimli said.

According to him, Aydin Aliyev, who filed a complaint against the party, was expelled from the organization in 2019 due to his ties with the authorities. Subsequently, in 2020, the court reinstated him as head of the control and audit commission.

It was not possible to get comments from A.Aliyev and the Nasimi court.

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