The EU External Relations Service once again calls on Baku to release political prisoners

The EU External Relations Service once again calls on Baku to release political prisoners

On May 29, the press secretary of the EU External Relations and Security Service made a statement in connection with the act of pardon in Azerbaijan. "Ilham Aliyev pardoned 154 prisoners on May 25, unlike in the past, those convicted of exercising their fundamental rights were not pardoned.

In recent months, there has been an alarming increase in the number of arrests of independent journalists, human rights defenders and political activists on politically motivated charges. Representatives of independent media such as “Abzas Media,” “Toplum TV,” “Channel 11” and “Channel 13,” the political movement “Platform the Third Republic,” independent trade unions and other organizations such as the Institute of Democratic Initiatives were particularly attacked. Many of them have had their pre-trial detention extended several times.

The European Union continues to call on Azerbaijan to release all prisoners for exercising their fundamental rights and to ensure decent and safe conditions for detainees, including their full access to healthcare and independent legal services.

We remain particularly concerned about the health of Gubad Ibadoglu and Alesker Mammadli. We repeat our call to the Azerbaijani authorities to lift the travel ban on Mr. Ibadoglu to allow him to receive the medical care he urgently needs.

The participation of civil society is in the focus of the UN Global Climate Change Conference (COP-29), which Azerbaijan will hold in November. COP 29 is an opportunity for Azerbaijan to approve its representatives on international law and create a position for employees of a free and independent civil society. This is also in line with Azerbaijan's obligations as a member of the Eastern Partnership, confirmed in the Declaration of the Eastern Partnership Summit in December 2021," the statement said.

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