The opposition looks for ways to fight repression

«The situation of democracy in Azerbaijan" was the theme of a conference organized on September 17 at the headquarters of the Democratic Party by the  Centre for Democracy and Human Rights.  A leader of the "Musavat" Isa Gambar, who made a key report,  described the situation in the country as "extremely heavy and depressing," noting  a tendency to deterioration, increasing pressure on the parties, the media, NGOs,  and democratic institutions is virtually paralyzed.

The reason for such a situation is the very essence of the regime, the lack of proper support from international organizations and the lack of opposition. As a way out of this situation, it was proposed to strengthen and consolidate the cooperation of the opposition in the fight for democracy. It was also noted the possibility of dialogue with the authorities. Leader of "Umid" Iqbal Aghazadeh noted the need to improve the mass movement for democracy.

The head of the Democratic Party, Sardar Jalaloglu, said that democracy is not for changing the government, but for living a decent life of citizens. Noting the need to abandon the traditional policy of the authorities, he also pointed out the possibility of a dialogue with the authorities. The authoritarian regime can receive support from the West, therefore, the democratic forces should receive it all the more - Jalaloglu said. However, according to the leader of the ACDP, Ali Aliyev, until the opposition strengthens, the authorities will not agree to dialogue. In his view, the current regime was imposed on the people of Azerbaijan by the West, as a  kind of business project of the West.

Aliyev said that the opposition must focus on preparing for the parliamentary elections in 2015, and create a team of candidates. On the results of the discussion, it was decided to continue holding such debates on topical issues  of the country. -05C06-

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