To Mecca for Hajj by Saudi aircrafts, back by AZAL

This year Azerbaijani pilgrims will leave for Hajj by planes owned by Saudi Arabian company "NAŞ", according to the  Caucasian Muslims Department (CMD.) Pilgrims will be delivered  on September 23-28 by the flight Baku-Jeddah, and they will return from the hajj from 11 to 15 October  by aircrafts of  AZAL.

The CMD did not explain the choice of the Saudi company to deliver Azerbaijani pilgrims.

The cost of the hajj for citizens of Azerbaijan this year will be 3100-4100 manat (depending on the hotel.) The quota of the country  is 3600 pilgrims.

In connection with the fighting in Iraq and Syria, a trip to the Hajj by buses was  banned. -05B04-

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